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vrijdag 29 mei 2015

Creamy pasta with salmon and cheese

When one needs something comforting, something quick and something tasty pasta comes in and works time after time. Pasta is one of my favourite things to eat, in any form and in any shape. If there was only one thing I could eat every day it would be pasta. At least that would make me have numerous options of what to do with it anyways. I wouldn't be bored in any case!

Today we had a bit of a time problem. My mum and I are watching The Missing, a series that's the result of a cooperation between the television networks of France, Belgium and Great Britain. Here it's broadcasted on Eén. I like it quite a lot but we don't get to see it on the regular scheduled times. My mum works nights so we watch it later when we have the time. 
Today we were watching the episode of Tuesday and we didn't pay attention to the time until our stomachs began to grumble and my sister was already eating chips and a kiwi to still her hunger ...
So we saw it was way past time to start cooking and I rushed to the kitchen halfway the episode (the end will be seen later tonight) to make some pasta. At least that wouldn't make us wait too much longer.

We had tagliatelle with a creamy sauce of Boursin (garlic and herbs), chives, spring onions, broccoli, mushrooms and smoked salmon. The pan was scraped clean and we all enjoyed it. 

This is an easy dish for any time. It can be made with other vegetables too, bell peppers and zuchini make it more of a summer's dish but mushrooms, broccoli and spring onions were the things in the fridge and they are great. 

Ingredients for 4 servings:
- 350 grams tagliatelle or any other pasta shape of your choice
- 6 large mushrooms
- half a head of broccoli
- 3 spring onions
- chives to taste (I used about 10 pieces from out garden)

- salt and pepper to taste
- milk as needed (about 200 ml in total but add)
- butter for frying
- 200 grams smoked salmon
- 150 grams of Boursin (garlic and herbs) or Philadelphia or any other brand with this kind of flavour combination

How to:
Put a big pot of water to a boil. In the meanwhile make the sauce.
Cut the mushrooms and the spring onions into small pieces/slices.
Take a big skillet and heat a knob of butter. Fry the mushrooms and spring onions in the skillet.

When browned and fragrant, add a splash of milk and some salt and pepper. Then add the cheese and let it melt into the sauce on low heat. Add more milk until you have a creamy yet runny sauce. Mix in the chopped chives and take off heat.

Cut the broccoli in large chunks.

When the water boils, add the tagliatelle and the broccoli. Let them boil together for about 8 minutes or to package instructions.
Cut up the salmon in small pieces and add them to the sauce. This is best when the sauce is slightly cooled so that the salmon doesn't get cooked along and gets tougher. Add salt and pepper if needed.

Check whether the broccoli is softened enough (let cook some minutes longer if needed, without the pasta so that the pasta is not mushy). Drain the pasta and the broccoli.

Add the pasta and the broccoli to the skillet with the sauce. Mix in so that the pasta gets covered all over and serve immediately.


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