memories ...

memories ...

dinsdag 14 april 2015

From scratch ...

Hey you all!

This is me: Ijeoma, a Belgian girl of 24 ...

I am starting up this brand new blog because I noticed I couldn't edit my old blogspot ( - don't mind the spelling mistake in the hyperlink, I was too eager to post my first message and entered submit without ever minding to check the spelling!).
I also made a blog about my travel to Costa Rica in 2013 ( but that's in Dutch and restricted to my travels there. 

Why do I start this blog page? I am very interested in many things: good books (from classics to entertaining novels), spending time with my friends, travelling, cooking and experimenting in the kitching, baking, nature in general and animals (big and small) in particular, ... and I would like to share some of these things with you. 

Also, I dared myself to try something new and decided to enter the community of Daring Bakers. Let's see if I can cope with the challenges presented!

My native language is Dutch, English is my second language but I would like to connect with people from around the world so English is my language of preference to write in. If you see any mistakes in my language: I would like to apologise in advance! 

Hope to see you here often!


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