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zaterdag 18 april 2015

Salmon wrap bites

My sister's boyfriend is celebrating his 26th birthday tomorrow and my sister wants to surprise him with a small get-together with all of his friends in the local park. They're going to play some outdoor games like kubb and petanque. She also wanted to have them some snacks to eat in the meanwhile. She made some things for him like mini fritattas. I offered to help her with something and I made for them small snacks:

packed up to go ...

These are basically wheat tortillas filled with a yogurt-cucumber sauce (look for the recipe to the post of Wednesday) and smoked salmon.
It's a very easy way to serve something festive on a party because the colours are so beautiful together and the taste is just perfect.
Many people who make these kind of wraps fill the tortillas with a herbed cream cheese spread instead of the yoghurt sauce. I, however, prefer a yogurt sauce for two reasons. The first reason is that it is much lighter. The salmon on itself is quite heavy and in combination with cream cheese, the snacks fill you up immediately and that's not the purpose of a snack. The snack should be tasty without taking up all the room in your tummy as there is more to follow ;)
The second reason is because the tortillas are quite dry when filled with cream cheese. The yoghurt is more fluid and makes the wraps more juicy. And juicy is the way to go!

It's so easy that it isn't really a recipe at all but I'll show you the making of the wrap bites:

the cast of the characters:
sugar (1 ts), salt (pinch), black pepper (pinch),
cucumber (about 6 cm), smoked salmon (250 grams),
3 wheat tortillas, Greek yoghurt (150 grams)

the mixing of the sauce ingredients

heating the tortillas to make them more pliable

spreading the sauce on top of the tortillas and
putting the smoked salmon on top

rolling the tortillas

(view from another angle)
ready for an hour in the fridge

just after cutting in slices: ready to eat!

We all love these wrap bites and it's great for any party, fancy or informal.

I hope my sister and her company will love these this afternoon :)


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