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woensdag 15 april 2015

Home made fast food: veggie pita-shoarma

Summer is here! We had to wait for it a little longer than last year but finally we reached 25°C and could have our dinner in the garden. This is the start of the best time of year and what's better to do this than have an informal dinner with friends?

Here at home, we are no lovers of take-away. Apart from fried foods which I do not like myself in particular, I love all of the fast food kind of things. We regularly eat pizza, shoarma stuffed pita bread, chips, noodles, hamburgers... but we always make them ourselves.
(Apart from the occasional time we get home late and are too tired to cook and only feel like walking around the block to go get pita-shoarma)

Today we made pita-shoarma. Most of the time, we buy the breads, the meat and the vegetables we like and put everthing on the table for everyone to stuff his or her own pita. Today, however, I decided it was time to make an alternative to the meat version of pita shoarma. Of course we had falafel lots of times and it's delicious but extending the horizon is always good!

Making a veggie alternative of shoarma might be tricky because my dad is a very dedicated meat-lover. He doesn't even try veggie dishes and only eats vegetables when they're covered in white sauce, cheese or lots of butter. Vegetables to him are just for dressing up the plates.

The plan was to still have meat for dad and offer the others - we were the 8 of us, my family and friends - two other options: falafel and tofu-corn shoarma. We could try what would taste good and there was still some meat in case it was a fail. 

I took some inspiration from the Pioneer Woman who posted a recipe for vegetarian lettuce wraps ( She used tofu. I was interested in the idea of using tofu as well. It's very neutral of taste on it's own so it would be good to spice it up for the pitas. I made the recipe my own and posted it below. 

I must say I liked it a lot and I didn't miss the meat at all. I served it with a tzatziki-like sauce I made just before serving as I realised it would need some sauce. Even one of the friends who was at first not at all interested in veggie things and only wanted to stuff his bread with meat, tried it in the end and took some more!
Even though I prepared the tofu before and heated the skillet just before eating, the result wasn't at all dry. It was juicy, spicy, delicious!

I didn't take a picture of a stuffed pita so this is just some 
tofu-corn shoarma with grilled bell pepper

To make it just as I did, just follow the directions below:

Ingredients for the tofu-corn shoarma:
- neutral oil for the skillet
- 200 grams of tofu in small cubes
- 1 small can (140 grams) of sweet corn (drained)
- 1 table spoon of shoarma seasoning of your choice
- a small dash of balsamic vinegar
- a bit of chilli powder to spice it up
Ingredients for the tzatziki sauce:
- 150 grams Greek yoghurt
- 1/2 teaspoon of sugar
- salt and pepper to taste
- 6 cm of cucumber in very small cubes (I cut the piece of cucumber in 6 slices, cut strips from the slices and cut them in small cubes)

How to:
Heat the oil in the skillet and once it's heated, add the cubes of tofu. With a fork, break the cubes into even smaller pieces until it looks like minced meat. After a minute or two, add the drained sweet corn and let it simmer along with the tofu. Once the tofu and the corn are a little browned, add all the seasonings and the balsamic vinegar. 

For the sauce, just mix all the ingredients together and set aside, easy peasy.
Serve with the tzatiziki sauce, cubes of roasted sweet bell pepper, lettuce, grated beetroots and carrots, tomatoes and basically anything you might like on a pita bread. 

This is enough to fill about 4 to 5 small-sized pita breads. 

Smakelijk is all I can say!

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