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memories ...

woensdag 13 mei 2015

Sandwiches for lunch

Busy times call for easy meals. On top of that, the weather is great so I'm craving salads and vegetables all the time. 

For lunch today, I made some very tasty and super easy sandwiches.

I took some white bread slices, cut them in half and put two halves at the time in the toaster. 
After they were just golden brown and crispy, I put some Passendale* cheese on top and finished the sandwich by adding slices of cooked beetroot and a little rocket. After putting the other half of the slice on top, I could indulge.

Nothing fancy, just soooo good. 

*Passendale cheese is a Belgian cheese variety that is kind of sweet in taste and it looks pretty as well with all the little holes everywhere. This is how it looks like:

This is a great combination in Summer I think. Nothing heavy on the stomach and healthy. It would've been much more healthy on a wholewheat bread slice but I didn't have the right kind available at home. 


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